No one smile is the same, thus orthodontic treatment length of time can differ on a case by case basis. You may remember back to when you or your friends had braces a generation ago — the old average used to be about two years. Today, orthodontic treatment can span a shorter length of time, mostly due to recent technology. With the use of lighter forces, customized braces, and clear aligners, our patients experience less discomfort and shorter treatment time while achieving a great smile.

OrthodonticsThat said, orthodontic treatment may vary depending on your child’s individual situation. Minor tooth movement may only take a few months to correct, while serious malocclusion (poor bite) may need more than two years to correct. Dr. Horner and his staff will be able to provide you with an accurate assessment upon your initial orthodontic exam.

If you haven’t yet set up an orthodontic consultation, please give us a call and let us help you or your child begin the journey to a gorgeous smile! Contact our Sioux Falls orthodontic practice, and let us know how we can help you. We look forward to working with you and your family, and providing you with orthodontic treatment that will leave you with a lifetime of great smiles!

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