Before your first visit to the orthodontist, it’s normal to have questions regarding braces or orthodontic treatment. We’ll address some of the more common questions we hear in this post:

  • Why have I been referred to an Orthodontist?
Your general dentist likely referred you to receive a specialist’s advice on the position of your teeth. An orthodontist will advise whether or not you are a good candidate (would benefit from) for orthodontic treatment.
  • What is Orthodontic Treatment?
Orthodontic treatment typically involves the use of braces (or Invisalign®), and sometimes the extraction of teeth.
  • Why might I need Orthodontic Treatment?
Generally, the reasons to have orthodontic treatment are to improve the appearance of the teeth, improve functionality, and/or improve the overall health of your mouth (teeth and gums)
  • What will occur at my first Orthodontic appointment?
Most likely, an orthodontist will examine your mouth using special mirrors. X-rays and photographs may also be taken. This will help decide on the best course of treatment for you or your child.
There are more common questions such as, what happens next, what happens if I’m ready to start treatment, and when will treatment begin? We invite you to contact our office and speak with our staff. Also, be sure to check back to this blog site as we update it regularly with information pertaining to braces and orthodontic treatment.

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