Think Before You Drink That Energy Or Sports Drink

Sports Drink

It’s summertime here in Sioux Falls, SD. Time for sun and heat. Time for outdoor fun and sports. That adds up to thirst. To quench that thirst, many people turn to sports and energy drinks. These types of drinks have become extremely popular lately, especially with our young athletes. Unfortunately, they have been found to cause irreversible damage to the teeth of teens and young adults. General Dentistry published a recent study stating that energy and sports drinks contain so much acid that they can begin destroying teeth after only five days of consistent use. Wow!

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, it’s estimated that 30 to 50 percent of our nation’s teenagers consume energy drinks, and as many as 62 percent consume at least one sports drink per day. The high acidity levels in those drinks erode tooth enamel, causing irreversible damage. Once the tooth enamel is gone, it’s gone. There is no way to restore it. To learn more about tooth enamel, read our previous blog article, “Everything You Need To Know About Tooth Enamel.”

Orthodontists Dr. Kevin Horner and Dr. Keri Barrow encourage patients to limit their intake of sports drinks. That enamel erosion ultimately makes teeth more susceptible to bacteria, and can lead to hypersensitivity, permanent tooth staining, and tooth decay. If you do consume an energy or sports drink, always wait at least 45 minutes before you brush your teeth. That’s because consumption of acidic drinks causes the tooth enamel to soften, which makes teeth even more vulnerable to wear from the abrasives found in toothpaste. So make sure you always wait those 45 minutes (or more) before you brush after having that sports or energy drink.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma. It’s also preventable with the proper oral care. Dr. Horner and Dr. Barrow and the team at Horner Barrow Orthodontics can help identify early signs of enamel erosion, and also give you solutions on how to prevent further damage and more serious problems from occurring.

At Horner Barrow Orthodontics, we are committed to delivering excellent quality orthodontic treatment to each and every patient. To provide a friendly, caring, and pleasant atmosphere that will ensure our patients feel relaxed and confident about placing their orthodontic care in our hands.