Some Fun Ways To Count Down Your Time In Braces

Wearing braces can straighten your teeth, giving you a more attractive smile for life. The entire process can take 18 months to two years (or more). This can seem like a very LONG time away when you first get your braces put on. Counting down your time in braces can help you pass that time more quickly, and build the excitement for that day when you finally get your braces removed.


Create a Calendar

Crossing off each day on a calendar is a common  way of counting down the days. You can make this more personal by designing your own calendar to help you count down. Use one of the many online customization services to upload photos or designs for each month of your calendar. Each month’s picture could also show the number of months remaining until you expect to have your braces taken off.

Plan Rewards For Yourself

When you receive regular rewards for continuing to wear your braces, they can seem less bothersome. Plan to give yourself a reward every month that you wear your braces for the duration of the treatment. The time will pass much more quickly when you are earning rewards for your patience.

Make a Fun Paper Chain

Use strips of colorful paper to create the links of your chain, and add a new link each week to lengthen the chain. Before sealing each new strip of paper into a circle, write a reason on the paper strip of why you are getting your teeth straightened, or an event in the future when you will appreciate your straight teeth as you smile, such as having your senior pictures taken.

Make a Simple Wall Hanging

Purchase a large pad of blank white paper. Write a “0” on the bottom sheet and a “1” on the next, and continue until you reach the number of days remaining for your orthodontic treatment. Tear off the top sheet each day to see how many days are left and remind yourself of the progress you are making.

Find a Braces Buddy

If any of your friends get braces around the same time as you, share the experience. Make a pact to celebrate each trip to our Sioux Falls, SD office when one of you receives news about your progress.

Having braces doesn’t have to be a tedious, boring process. Have some fun with it…you’ll be glad you did. At Horner Barrow Orthodontics, we’re happy that you’ve chosen us to help you create your new, beautiful smile for life!