3 Orthodontic Tips When You Have A Cold Or The Flu

When the cold and flu season hits, your teeth and braces are most likely the last things on your mind as you reach for another blanket or some tissues! But some things regarding that cold or flu that can adversely affect your oral health. Believe it or not, your teeth, your braces, and that nasty cold are connected.

Since tooth decay and gum disease can be especially risky during orthodontic treatment, you need to be aware of these three things:

Tip 1: Stay Hydrated To Avoid Dry Mouth
Dry mouth increases cavity risk. Most colds come with an annoying stuffed-up nose, causing us to breathe through our mouths. Mouth-breathing, combined with decreased saliva production during sleep, makes our mouths more vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

Tip 2: Keep That Icky Stuff Off Your Teeth
• Are you sucking on cough drops all day? Most are chock full of sugar. Choose sugar-free cough drops if possible, and, DON’T bite down on those super-hard drops.

• Cough syrup has lots of sugar too. If you take cough syrup, be sure rinse out your mouth before going back to bed.

• Stomach acid is hard on teeth. Sorry to mention this, but if you’re throwing up, be sure to keep your teeth rinsed and clean.

Tip 3: No Matter How Tired You Are
We know it’s hard when you’re sick, but don’t neglect your normal brushing/flossing routine just because you’re feeling lousy and really tired. Your oral health while you’re wearing braces is just too important to ignore.

Some More Tips For Staying Healthy
Stay healthy this flu season! Remember to sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands often to keep viruses from spreading.

If you are sick, we hope you feel better soon! And thank you for placing your trust with Horner Barrow Orthodontics.